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Is Abbey Property The Right Agency For Me? - Abbey Property Luton

Is Abbey Property The Right Agency For Me?

Is Abbey Property The Right Agency For Me?
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There are a multitude of letting agents in Luton, but there are only a few who are actually worth considering. We would encourage you to learn about the agent you decide to go for, so we recommend reading as many articles and watching as many videos as possible when it comes to making your decision. We believe clear communication and transparency is best policy when it comes to building trust with your ideal client, so we want you to know everything about us that there is possible to know. As well as what you will learn about us from our website and online, here are another 5 things you should know about us!

1. We are a small company

That’s right, we are small, yet nimble and efficient company. It reminds of me a book call called “Small Giants: Companies that Choose to be Great Instead of Big – by Bo Burlingham”. In the book he speaks about how there are many companies in the world that deliberately choose to remain small comparatively in order to give the best personalist experience to their clients. Large size doesn’t always mean competence, and although large companies are great, often clients start to get treated just another number. Hence for us our focus is the personalised service we provide.

2. We work on QUALITY rather than QUANTITY

Our focus is on getting the right tenant for the right landlord. Therefore, when checking our available properties list, you will notice that we tend to limit the number of properties we advertise at any given time. We want to ensure you property gets dedicated attention rather than it being one of the many properties a member of staff must get rented out. Although it is common practice in the industry to list properties that aren’t available just to get the phone ringing, we noticed that this wastes a lot of precious time that we could be spending answering genuine enquiries from tenants who actually call for your property specifically.

3. We only take on a certain number of properties each month

As briefly mentioned above, our focus is getting quality landlords onboard opposed to focusing on quantity. We occasionally turn down business if we feel that we aren’t the right fit for each other.

4. We aren’t the most expensive, but we aren’t the cheapest either.

Typically, agents charge anywhere between 10% to 16% for a standard management service and 1 months’ rent for a tenant find service. We sit perfect in between that. When looking around at choosing a letting agent to represent you, it is important to remember that you are handing over a highly valuable asset.

  • Cheapest isn’t always the best option, especially with an asset so high in value, it isn’t worth saving the few pennies.
  • You get what you pay for. If you choose an agent with a sensible fee, you will get a sensible service. There are certainly agents in Luton that offer crazy fees such as 5%, but it is so important to reflect on why some companies have to offer crazy low prices to attract customers. Why are people staying clear of these agents unless they offer crazy low fees? Something worth thinking about.
  • Reviews speak for themselves… You either want the cheapest, or you want the best, it simply isn’t possible to have both. This is where landlord look into reviews to see what others have experienced with the same company, as reviews showcase the level of quality a company delivers constantly and consistently. Would you buy engine oil from Amazon that is £10 and has only 6 reviews. Or would you spend extra and buy one for £20 that has over 1450 reviews on it? The first one will likely explode your engine. The second one will likely do what it was supposed to do as it’s been tried, trusted, and recommended by so many people.
  • Amazon VS eBay. An out of the box example, when thinking of Amazon words come to mind such as convenience, easy returns, helpful customer service, helpful reviews, trustworthy, reliable. But when thinking about eBay words come to mind such as risky, unreliable, faulty, scam, difficult returns, weak buyer protection, doubtful, and so on. One is premium and one is cheap for a reason. Similarly with letting agents, they are premium ones and there are cheap one. The one you choose depends on your budget and the level of convenience you are after.

Having said that, not everyone is after the best they can get. Some just want the cheapest solution which is why they choose a cheaper alternative which is fully understandable. But if you are someone who wants the best, be assured that the fee a reputable companies charges will always translate to more convenience and higher rent income.


Those were the 4 things we want you to know about us so that you can be sure if we are the right fit for you or not. If there is anything we haven’t covered here, feel free to reach out to our friendly team and we will be happy to answer your questions.

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