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What Can I Expect With Abbey Property Marketing My Property? - Abbey Property Luton

What Can I Expect With Abbey Property Marketing My Property?

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All agents have different ways of the process they take from start to finish of marketing a property.

I’ll explain the tried and tested way we, at Abbey Property, conduct ourselves from start to finish. We carry it out consistently regardless of situation, or type of property, to ensure customer satisfaction every time.

You’ll have probably made many phone calls and email enquiries to different agents to enquire about their services and pricing. And if Abbey Property is one you are, or already have, considered to start the process with, this is what you can expect…

Initial Contact

We’ll start a conversation surrounding our general offered services, rough price points suited to your requested needs. It’ll be the first opportunity for both of us to gauge the first impressions on whether initiating business will be the next steps to take. 
And if so, I’ll look to set up a time and day to visit you at the property and have a further discussion.

Visiting You and Your Property

On the morning of the visit, you’ll receive a text message to confirm your availability on whether that time is still suitable for you, and if not, to give an opportunity to amend it if necessary. 
But when you do confirm, I’ll pop round for a no-obligation informal look around the property, to then have a discussion with you on what your wants and needs are from a letting agent. With the aim to determine what level of service is right for you and discuss figures on achievable rent and the fees we charge. For a better in-sight into what factors go into determining the fee charged for a property, have a look at our article, How Much Will It Cost To Rent Out My Property?

Giving You The Opportunity To Think

Whether it be that you’ve got other agents visiting you, or you want some time to mull over our marketing material. We’ll leave you with our research of findings on the general area, and the comparable report we use to gauge an accurate and realistically achievable rental figure. 
It’s a great time to read through the agency terms and conditions that we provide you with, take some time to read through our Google reviews, landlord testimonials on the website, and our other featured articles to give you a gist of our service and individual expertise in the lettings market. 

A Follow Up Conversation

I’ll ask you on a timescale you’re looking to make a decision in and await a call from yourself, or if you’re not sure, I’ll schedule a call-back to reach you at a later date to give you an opportunity to make a decision and answer any queries whilst we’re at it.

Good To Go?

Once we’re both happy with all the information to proceed marketing your property on, I’ll request a copy of the signed Agency Terms and Conditions (provided to you on my previous visit) and look to visit again. 
But this time, to take photographs of both the interior and exterior ready to be professionally edited, measure up and create 2D and 3D floorplans to the correct scale, and shoot a full in-depth video tour of the property, the grounds it sits on, and the surrounding area showcasing the property in the best light possible. 

Time To Market Your Property

At which point, I’ll have the media ready to return to the office, to draw up the advert complete with a full description. The point of this is to pre-qualify tenants giving them as much detailed information as possible at first glance, so that it lessens the chances of time being taken up on applicants that don’t either meet the criteria, or the property’s features meeting their needs. 
We market on Zoopla, OnTheMarket, Boomin, as well as on our own website where we already have pre-qualified applicants that have enquired with us over the last 30-90 days.

Answering Calls and Emails To Find The Right Fit

At this point we’re used to having a raft of enquiries coming through for the property. Depending on the requirements you’ve asked us to seek out, I’ll further pre-qualify the applicants to see whether they’re matching the criteria you ask for. And if they do, look to book them in for a viewing, to ensure they’re confident the property is suitable for them.
Every so-often, we get enquiries where they offer to place a deposit to secure the property without seeing it, we refrain from this practice as much as possible to keep a fair system in place for all.

Providing You With Regular Feedback

I’d look to provide you with weekly feedback on current progress. Taking viewing feedback on board is vital to match the needs of the current market, as it does change quite frequently. Whether there is, or isn’t feedback to give, I find it important to keep you as a landlord in the loop.

Making Small Changes, Getting Big Results

Infrequently we may not receive the amount of response we were expecting, in most cases it’ll be something small needing amending that will change this. Whether it’s something we had, or even hadn’t mentioned that comes across as off-putting, or it was priced too optimistically. 
Trial and error in this case will prove useful, a small drop in the asking rent for example can make all the difference in how an applicant perceives is affordable rent for them, or not.

We Found A Suitable Applicant!

So, we’ve found a potential tenant that ticks the initial criteria boxes. Great!
I’ll arrange to take a weeks’ worth of rent as a holding deposit, willingness to do this on their part shows commitment. I’ll then request for documentation to help me vet and reference the applicants and gauge a better idea of their lifestyle and financial standing. Together with a credit check application, to help ensure they’re financially responsible and don’t have a recent history of adverse credit.
To give you an idea of how we reference applicants, check out our How To Reference A Tenant article, it’ll provide you with in-depth information with what’s involved, and why.

If You Want, You Get Final Say

Once done, as long as there’s no cause for concern, and the applicant has been transparent with the information they gave, I’ll then pass the relevant information to you to make a final decision. 
If it makes you more comfortable, we can look to arrange to meet the applicants, whether it be in person or via a video call so you can ask any further questions.

What’s Next

With final approval from you, we can then proceed to take either 1 month or 5 weeks deposit from the tenant, as well as the first months’ rent in advance. 
The choice of 1 month, or 5 weeks, is entirely up to you and your preference. 
To which I’ll then lodge the deposit in the Deposit Protection Scheme as custodially insured, protected through the duration of the tenancy.

Producing A Water-tight Inventory

This stage is optional; however, we do highly recommend you leaving this service to us. 
We’ll look to visit the property again and produce a detailed check-in inventory and schedule of condition report. The report will consist of pictures on almost every aspect of the property, its grounds, its fixtures and fittings, and any items in it.
Our director has written a full in-depth article regarding the importance of this document and having it done thoroughly, along with the pitfalls on if you don’t. Have a look at our Inventory Check-In Report article here. 

Getting The Paperwork Drawn Up And Signed

We’ll then draw up the Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement with all the relevant information, such as length of agreement, agreed rental payments, when the payments are due, and much more. It’s a detailed agreement that closes the door to any miscommunication going forward. We’ll have this, as well as the inventory (if we conducted one) acknowledged and signed by the tenants.

Arranging A Move-in Date

I’ll then arrange for a suitable move-in date, we’ll provide the tenants with a few documents. The Government How To Rent Guide, a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate, Prescribed Information for the deposit being protected, a Tenancy Deposit Scheme leaflet, an Understanding Damp & Mould leaflet, and if applicable, a Gas Safety Certificate.
Once they have this, we’ll exchange keys, and any relevant information for management companies etc, ready for them to enjoy the property as their new home!

All Documents Responsibly Lodged and Backed Up

Abbey Property takes the privacy of any and all personal information seriously. Hard copies of landlord or tenant documentation will either be returned or destroyed. And we’ll lodge all electronic copies on a cloud-based system, backed up for our records. 

Our Fee, Once Our Job Is Complete

Once the job of tenanting the property is complete, the initially agreed letting fee, and if applicable, our management fee will be sought from you. Our usual practice is for it to be deducted from the first months’ rent, with any outstanding remainder paid to us. 

Next Steps

If you had chosen the management service, we at Abbey Property will oversee the ongoing management of the tenancy, to address and respond to tenant queries, and only refer to you for authorisation of remedial works or other important aspects of the tenancy – that as letting agents – we cannot authorise. 
Otherwise, if it was a tenant find service you opted for, we’ll forward the relevant contact details for one another to both the landlord and tenant to communicate going forward.

Who Knows So Much Went Into Renting A Property?!

As you can see, the job we undertake for each property is a lengthy one!

Amongst being compliant, we strive to provide the best service given from any agent in Luton!

If you have any specific requirements that I hadn’t mentioned above, feel free to give me a call and we can discuss on whether it’s possible for it to be incorporated with your property!

We’re always looking for good quality properties, along with responsive landlords to take on-board and work with us.

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