Frequently Asked Questions

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Common Questions when selling a property

The first step will be to arrange a valuation with a local agent. The agent will be able to offer you independent advice on the value of your home and guide you on how the process works. It is very important to have an accurate valuation as the interest on your property will be at its highest when you list it new on the market and the wrong price may attract too much attention and you agree a price which is too low, or not enough attention and the property may stick on the market for longer than wished for. Hence, getting the balance right from the beginning is important.

There many factors that can influence this. Getting the property looking its best right from the beginning is vital to get a sale promptly. We will produce professional photography to give your property the best chance it has in attractive the right buyer at the best price.

Once a sale has been agreed, it can take between 10-12 weeks to get the keys in your hands.

Our Website is very busy place where buyers come to see our available properties and to get free advice, just like you are right now. Your property will be visible to every home buyer on the hunt in the UK. It is likely that even an over seas buyer could be looking. With over 90% of property buyers starting their search online, it is more important now than ever before to get your property in front of a large online audience. Your property will be listed on our website where we get over 38,000 visits every year. That is 104 every day and one of them maybe your buyer.

Portals are another focus. Rightmove, Zoopla and OnTheMarket are many of the first places for buyer to visit. We ensure to list your property on all major portals to increase the coverage and attention your property receives. Your property will be presented to the largest home buying audience who are actively hunting for the right property.

Social media is on the rise. Using clever algorithms, we will have your property follow your buyer until they click and call us. Do you notice when looking to buy a car you start noticing car adverts on every website you go to? This is an example of marketing that follows you everywhere you go.

Our Database is packed with records of buyers and their important requirements when buying a home. Using our intelligent software which cleverly matches buyers to their ideal property, we will send out an instant email and text message alert to all those who are actively looking to let them know the right property has come on to the market. We will also be on the phone to them the moment you instruct us. It is common to have a buyer before the property even goes live, so do not be surprised.

Very often buyers end up buying a property they did not even call for. This happens when during the phone conversation we find out their requirements and realise that what they called for won't be suitable. Rather than ending that call, we will offer suggestions in the area they are looking for. No call ever goes to waste, and that is how buyers buy something they did not even call for.

In fact, we go a step furthers.

Professional Photography will ensure your property is shown in the best light possible. We take care of that for you so that you don't have to.

2D Floor Plan is produced to give buyers a better understanding of the layout and the dimensions of all the rooms and spaces

3D Floor Plan is then what brings it all to life. Buyers love this as it saves them so much time when deciding which property will suit their lifestyle. It helps to imagine how it would feel like to walk about.

Video Tours are what sells the property. This is usually gets buyer the most excited. Drone shots are a favourite for those who are not familiar with the area as they may be coming from out of town or have never explored the area. It's a great opportunity to show all the great things the local surrounding has to offer. This can be a lake, a park, a school, or even a supermarket. Remember, your property is worth its worth because of its location, so be sure to let everyone know what is on offer, especially to those who don't know the area. Next, a guided tour around your home to bring the photos to life. This is the time you want to show the front and back gardens. Be sure to have everything presented well and let the videographer know all your favourite features of your home and the surrounding you want to capture also.

The will provide and erect a high quality board. We have noticed that this attracts great attention in the local area and generates a good level of awareness which leads to extra enquiries. Should you not wish to display a sign for any reason, just let us know and we will make a note of that.

Every property is unique and needs a different touch to bring it the attention it deserves. We have decades of experience when it comes to selling and are very familiar with current trends and what buyers look for when buying. Speak to an expert on our friendly and informative team which will be happy to help you maximise the value of your home.

We will keep a note of your preferred times and offer them to buyers. If a different time is required, we will be touch to find out if it is suitable and convenient for you. We will accompany the viewing and show the buyer around and answer all the questions they have so you don't have to worry about meeting prospective buyers. You may wish to take any children of pets out so that the buyer have enough uninterrupted time to look around along with our experienced sales agents.

We operate a secure key system, so you can feel comfortable leaving a key with us if need be. We can do the viewings whilst you are at work or on holiday. Viewing feedback is provided within 24 hours.

We will record all offers received and inform you of them right away over phone and in writing. If you do not accept the offer then we will work hard in negotiating an offer you are happy with.

It is in our both interests to obtain the maximum offer so we will be sure to work hard on your behalf. We quality all offers and present the options to you so that you can make the best decision regarding the offers put forward.

The sale of any property is governed by four principle factors - namely the price, the property market, the property itself and the agent. Assuming that all these factors are in order, your property should sell. Depending on the factor which is influencing the delay, we will work closely with you to identify as well as rectify the issue in the best manner possible.

In the unlikely event that your property does not sell or you've had a change in circumstances, we offer a 'No Sale/No Fee' service.

Your next step is to arrange a valuation on your property. It's quick and easy to book a free, no obligation property valuation online by clicking here.


We get asked thousands of questions by people selling their property and we couldn’t ever list them all here. However, we can answer them all!

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