We Find & Manage Tenants That
Look After Your Investment And Pay Rent On Time.

Because getting rent consistently from your investment property should
be effortless, not a battle. Your tenant should be returning your property
in the same condition that you gave it in or better, not trashed. 


Tenants who pay rent late and damage the property
are a landlord's worst nightmare!

We believe you deserve passive income without
all the hassle, because that’s why you invested in the first place.

Work with one of our expert agents for a truly hands-off
& hassle-free experience.

We understand your problem because we meet landlords every week who come to us after having been stung
by a bad tenant or a bad agent. The strong regret and stress they show is real. Landlords buy properties
for a return on investment, not for hassle.

You can trust us because our staff have handled 1200+ tenancies so far.
They are long-serving, have deep knowledge and know exactly what they are doing. (your in good hands). 

Every single review counts

How we solve your problem…

Property is an amazing source of passive income if done right. If done wrong, it’ll be one of your most stressful experiences. 
By working closely with one of our expert agents, you will: 

    • Have more control. Your chosen agent will work closely with you to find the ideal tenant. They will seek your approval before offering a tenancy to a tenant.
    • Have more time. That is what we do full time so that you don’t have to.
    • Stay compliant. Our Expert Agents have on average 3.5 years or more in the industry. There are over 176+ legislations you must comply with.
  • Get your rent on time. You, as a landlord, deserve return on your investment. We believe your tenant should never have the power to take that away from you by not paying rent. That is utterly immoral.

3 simple steps to a steady,
reliable income without all the hassle

It really is as simple as this…

1. Book your free valuation

This allows you to meet one of our friendly and knowledgeable agents who will explain the process and answer all your questions until you’re able to make a sound decision. The agent is able to take pictures, and advertise the property all on the same day.

2. Decide on a suitable tenant

Once the ideal tenant is found and referenced, we will seek your approval for our choice, get the legal duties completed and guide the tenant into their new home. 

3. Managed for you
and hassle free

Tenancy management, ongoing legal compliance duties, maintenance and rent collection will be all handled by us to give you a truly hands-off & hassle-free experience.

Our Promise to You…

Served by an Expert Agent

Our agents are long-serving with an average
of 3.5 years or more of expertise and deep knowledge.

One Point of Contact

You will never have to speak to more than 1 person.
Every query, from small to big, will be dealt by your
dedicated agent.

Comprehensive Service, Simple Prices.

Rent Collection

9% per month

  • Rent collected 
  • Monthly statement/report of accounts 
  • Arrears prevented, kept under control, and chased

Fully Managed

12% per month

  • Everything within Rent Collection 
  • Tenancy management, ongoing legal compliance duties, maintenance coordination, longevity planning, damage prevention, rent collection 
  • And a whole lot more to give you a truly hands-off & hassle-free experience.

Invite us around and start getting steady
rental income without the hassle.

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