Rent arrears brings on a chain of events that affects all parties of a rental property. From a tenant’s perspective, they may feel an overwhelming sense of worry and frustration that they cannot cover some or all their due rent.

How Do Rent Arrears Build Up & How To Prevent Them?

But for them, this is not the end of the story, along with rent arrears they’ll usually be struggling for money in other areas, such as school clothes, food, other essentials etc. So, try and be as sympathetic as you can.

Not forgetting you, the landlord. It could be a potentially detrimental time as it may affect the cash flow in your accounts meaning you can’t cover your costs.

Your approach to the entire situation will help determine the entire outcome, with how forthcoming your tenants are in sharing with you their difficult situation.

What measures should I have already taken to help against rent arrears?

Ideally, you would have completed as much referencing as you could have done to ensure you have responsible tenants so that you can be assured you’ve taken as many steps as you could so that any arrears wouldn’t stem from irresponsible tenants.

As discussed in our article How to Reference a Tenant, gathering Photo ID, bank statements, payslips or a self-assessment report, current proof of address, right to rent, and referencing from landlords and employees will help negate the majority of irresponsible tenants.

Building rapport, and maintaining a good communicative relationship

This step isn’t foolproof and won’t guarantee your tenants won’t default or fall into arrears, but it’ll help.

Keeping a good line of communication will engage them in being more willing to freely speak and let you know of maintenance issues, or upcoming financial difficulties they could be facing.

Dealing with maintenance queries promptly will help gain their trust, and the better you tend to these issues, the more faith they should have in you.

If your tenants are open and transparent with you, any information they divulge to you will help them to be a little more prepared for what may be coming.

Managing inbound payments

Ideally, standing order or direct debit will be set up from the tenant on a fixed and regular basis, so that tracking, and tracing payments is made simpler for both parties.

Keep records of payments to refer to in the future, it may prove beneficial to look back if there are any discrepancies down the line to help negate arrears.

Be reasonable

As mentioned, this period will be difficult for all parties, especially if the tenant is genuinely facing a difficult time.

If you notice that a tenant hasn’t paid when they should have, contact them by email as it’s recorded, or if needed via phone call or in person.

In most cases, it’ll be a simple error, whether human or with the banks.

As a worst-case scenario, be prepared for them to say they cannot meet the agreed amount and take a pragmatic approach as a response.

This is where maintaining a good relationship with tenants will kick in, ask for timescales, and think of anything you could potentially do to help.

As a productive approach, set up an amicable repayment plan that is realistic for both your needs, this step will vary in different circumstances depending on how bad the tenant’s situation is.

As a long-term approach, your tenant may need to enquire about getting support in the form of the Local Housing Benefit to subsidise the rent payments moving forward.

The Citizens Advice Bureau are well informed in this field and can help with further questions relating to getting this benefit.

If all else fails…

In the unlikely situation, you aren’t happy with any of the above outcomes, as difficult as it may be, it may leave you to investigate the options you have to legally evict your tenant.

Ideally, you would have already given the tenant ample opportunity to make payments, and this decision would be made if they fell into arrears with no alternative ways out.

On of our property experts could of help and advise you on how best to ensure your next tenants are much less likely to fall into arrears, contact us!