Sellers Fees

The benefits of our fees to sell your home.

The fees you’ll pay to sell your home should be simple to understand. So we’ve kept them simple.

Comprehensive services, simple prices.


A-Z Sales Package


of the final selling price of your property.

*Minimum fee applies

Our Sales service – broken down and explained

With the Sellers Fees now covered, let’s have a look at what our service includes, the pros and cons, and whether it suits you!

A-Z Sales package – a breakdown of what you can expect:

What’s included:

  • Advertise the property
  • Pre-qualify prospective purchasers
  • Conduct the viewings
  • Collect interested parties’ proof of confirmed means of funding
  • Followed through right up to when conveyancing ends and keys are exchanged

Suitable for:

  • Sellers who have commitments
  • Sellers who want a truly hands-off & hassle-free experience

The pros are:

  • A totally hands-off and hassle-free experience
  • Experts dealing with your sale whilst maximising your return
  • Every initial aspect of the sale is done for you

The cons are:

  • You might need more things to do with your free time!

‘‘Other agents were explaining the sales process to me and it went right over my head! Abbey Property was willing to take up all the initial responsibility, and did – right up to when the conveyancing was completed and we handed over the keys!’’

Want to dig deeper?

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maintenance responsibilities

Hear what other sellers have had to say about us, and our fees.

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Common questions about sellers fees, answered.

What are estate agent selling fees?

Selling a property can be a difficult, time-consuming feat. You’ll want as much help as possible so that you aren’t bogged down when you should actually just be living your life.

This is where an agent will come in to take the burden of marketing your property, to handle viewings, offers, and feedback efficiently finding the right buyer to get the sales process started.

All this comes at a cost, expect to pay in the region of between 1 and 2 percent of the final selling price as a fee to your agent for their work.

Be mindful that many agents that quote their fee, don’t usually include VAT. Clarify this beforehand!

Can estate agents reduce their fees?

Potentially, but just like many things in the world, you get what you pay for…

A cheaper agent straight off the bat may be lacking the experience and expertise, more desperate for the business so are willing to offer you an enticing fee.

A more seasoned agent may charge for more of their services but you know you’re in good hands. If they do negotiate the fee down, be mindful and expect that they may cut some of their responsibilities or services to suit your budget. 

You get what you pay for! For more FAQs, check out our FAQ page