Selling your home will rely on prospective buyers viewing the property, in some cases, multiple times. Who would blame them, when potentially spending six figures, it should be their right! As the homeowner, you have a responsibility to ensure you do your utmost best to accommodate these viewings, and to make them as appealing as possible.

Some of the things I mention will be quite ‘out there’ – but bear with me…

Preparation For Viewings – Top 4 Pointers!


The first and main step is to be flexible.

Work around your career and lifestyle obstacles as best as possible to be open to as many days and times as possible to allow viewings to happen.

The more flexibility you allow, the more viewings you’ll be able to accommodate. For example, if you only allow viewings twice a week within an hour slot such as 2-3pm, you won’t be appealing to the masses that can’t get out of their own commitments, meaning you could be missing out on prospective buyers.

If you’re working with an agent, speak with them regarding the most popular times for viewings to happen.

In our experience, although not ideal for all, most prefer viewings between 6-8pm on a weekday or afternoon times on a weekend as it fits around a convention school and work schedule.

Repairs And Replacements

If you have areas of disrepair in the home or even personal items such as furniture that are damaged, get them repaired!

Although in the grand scheme of things these shouldn’t be of major concern, a prospective buyer will enter the house and find it hard to visualise it as their own.

So the homely setup you have got, make improvements to get it up to scratch with any areas that may have been left neglected.

Old screw or nail holes in walls should be filled in, leaving a clean finish.

Common places for dull paintwork on walls, such as up staircases and behind bed frames that could do with a fresh lick of paint, get your overalls and paintbrush out!

Removing Effects To Enhance The Home

Try to keep the home as neutral as possible on viewings, perception of what is classed as ‘neutral’ varies.

As a rule of thumb, personalised items such as family photographs, children’s drawings etc should be tucked away so the prospective viewer can visualise the key aspects of the property, not of the people that currently live there.

Although it may sound harsh, try and remove any signs of a pet living on the property. Myself included, I have a cat (her name is Mysty if you’re interested), but I’m sure non-cat owners don’t appreciate walking into a bathroom with a litter tray on the floor, even though it’s normal for you!

Many non-pet owners may have negative perceptions towards hygiene, and the general cleanliness of pets, try your utmost best to showcase your home as a clean, open, family space.

First Impressions Count, Always!

Tidy up the front of the property, especially if it’s a house!

Before a viewing is even conducted, the full address to the property is usually listed in the property particulars, prospective viewers may take the opportunity to pass by before arranging a viewing to scope out the surrounding area as well as what the exterior of the property looks like.

Think about it, how the exterior of someone’s house looks, should generally give a good representation of how they take pride and look after the inside of their home too. Together, this should help with the number of viewings being booked.

On the subject of first impressions – maybe a little far-fetched for some that don’t usually hold utensils in their hands – but baking something like bread or a cake beforehand will give off the ‘fresh baking’ aroma to linger around the home. Just as inviting, if not, more so than a generic fragrance you could spray!

What else?

There is a lot that can play in the back of someone’s mind when they’re looking to buy property, you can never definitively tell what they’re thinking.

The best you can do is position yourself in the best place possible to attract as many prospective viewers so that in turn you get the best chance of receiving as many offers as possible!

Get in touch with our property experts to discuss a property visit, we’ll keep you updated with the best areas to keep an eye on your property and how best to get top-tier viewers lined up!