Rent guarantee with a rent to rent scheme

Rent to Rent Schemes: Unpacking the Promise of Guaranteed Rent


Amongst the myriad terminologies, buzzwords and property jargon, ‘rent to rent schemes’ might have caught your attention. It sounds quite alluring, doesn’t it? A seemingly attractive opportunity in property management. But, like many things in life, it’s not always what it seems. This comprehensive guide aims to shed some light on what these schemes truly entail, the potential risks you might face, and the essential steps you can take to protect your interests.

Understanding the Rent to Rent Scheme

The concept of rent to rent schemes can seem fairly straightforward at first. Someone approaches you, offering to take over the management of your property for a period typically spanning 3-5 years. The twist is that the rent they offer is usually not at the market rate, but somewhat lower. The catch? This individual or company often intends to sublet the rooms of your property individually, leading to the creation of what’s known as an ‘illegitimate HMO’ or House in Multiple Occupation. They’re essentially banking on the income from these subtenants to pay your rent.

But here lies the problem. These rent to rent schemes often promise the allure of ‘guaranteed rent,’ but the reality can be vastly different.

The Financial Implications of Rent to Rent

At face value, the promise of ‘guaranteed rent’ sounds like a boon for any landlord. After all, who wouldn’t want assured income from their property? But beware, as this can often be a smokescreen for a precarious financial situation. There’s a significant risk that the proposer may not pass the rent onto you. Worse still, they could potentially disappear altogether, leaving you with a property full of tenants you know nothing about.

This scenario can present substantial financial risks. Landlords can find themselves stuck with legal hassles, unpaid rents, and property damage. Moreover, the proposer effectively takes over the management, leaving you with little to no control over your own property.

The Role of Letting Agents and Red Flags

This brings us to the crucial role of letting agents. These professionals are there for a reason. A responsible, legitimate letting agent conducts thorough affordability checks on potential tenants to mitigate such financial risks. They vet each proposal with due diligence, ensuring that you, the landlord, are protected.

So, when someone is bypassing this process and making a beeline straight for you, it’s time to raise the alarm. It’s a significant red flag, often implying an attempt to sidestep those who would carry out due diligence on the proposal.

Investigating Rent to Rent Proposals

But worry not, you’re not powerless in the face of such proposals. There are steps you can take to vet these situations thoroughly. If you’re the recipient of a rent to rent proposal, start with a good old-fashioned background check on the person or company making the proposal.

A quick look at the Company House records can provide valuable insights into their legitimacy. If they’ve only been operating for a short while, say 3-6 months, it’s a cause for concern. In contrast, a track record of at least 2-3 years of operation can provide some level of assurance.

Valid Rent to Rent Schemes

That said, let’s not paint all rent to rent schemes with the same brush. They’re not all out to scam unsuspecting landlords. Legitimate offers can and do exist. These usually come from reputable agents, not through cold calls or unsolicited emails.

When assessing the validity of a scheme, check their trading history. See if they are members of regulatory bodies, such as the Property Ombudsman or Property Redress Scheme. These affiliations can provide an extra layer of confidence in their legitimacy.

Legal Considerations for Rent to Rent

And finally, before you jump at a rent to rent offer, don’t forget to peruse the legal landscape surrounding your property. Your lease or mortgage agreements may contain specific clauses that outright prohibit rent to rent schemes.

Also, don’t overlook the potential implications for your insurance. There’s a risk your insurance might be voided once a rent to rent scheme begins. These schemes are most suitable for freehold unencumbered properties – a rare breed in today’s property market.


The world of rent to rent schemes is complex, and while the promise of ‘guaranteed rent’ can seem attractive, it comes laden with potential pitfalls. Remember, due diligence is your strongest ally.

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