Tenants trying to find a property they can call home is a difficult feat at the best of times, if they’ve got a little furry friend in tow, that difficulty level becomes even harder.

The amount of landlords willing to have pets on their property has dramatically dropped over the last few years, with the increased fears of the properties being ruined, or complaints of noise being made having deterred many landlords from being open to the idea of allowing one.

Should I Allow Pets In My Property?

Why Don’t Landlords Like Tenants With Pets?

Well, your property is probably one of the most expensive things you own, invite someone you didn’t know to live there, and to top it off they have a Labrador…

Your stance on the situation would probably be very similar if you didn’t have any pets yourself.

Pets, especially dogs, have inherited a bad name due to the minority of owners that don’t train, discipline, or look after them properly.

Which can stem from barking at all hours annoying the neighbours, and resulting in noise complaints.

Bored dogs that don’t get walked will find ways to entertain themselves, such as ripping up carpets, defecating indoors, digging unsightly holes in the garden, as well as many other frustrating traits.

But a pet’s temperament will be a result of their owner’s commandment and effort.

So initially, focus your findings on the prospective tenant and how they come across.

Determining aspects such as general attitude, personal hygiene, manners, and body language as part of judging their character and demeanour.

Are Pet-Friendly Landlords In Demand?

In a nutshell, yes.

Individual assessments of each tenant and their pet will give you a better understanding of the lifestyle, and temperament of the pet too. Especially with the lockdown that we faced during th pet ownership has soared!

Tapping into the market of tenants with pets could potentially command you higher rents for the privilege.

Whether you justify the extra cost as covering the risk factor, or for the pure fact that you’re one of a few landlords with an open mind, it’ll usually be a win-win situation for both parties.

Ask for a Pet CV! A page filled with information, a picture of them, and to demonstrate their behaviour, record of vaccinations, microchip information, as well as any further supporting evidence to strengthen the case of convincing you they’ll be a great pet.

And if you’re satisfied (and comfortable), ask to meet their pet. Just as you meet a tenant to judge their characteristics, do the same with their pet to rule out noisiness, and aggression. Preferably at the applicant’s current home to gauge what the condition is like!

Nah, I’m Just Gonna Say ‘No Pets’ In The Advert…

A recent UK statute has passed to say there mustn’t be a blanket ban on pets, and that each case should be judged on its individual merits.

Working on a case-by-case basis, as generally, a hamster or gerbil, is unlikely to wreak havoc and cause the same potential issues a loud-and-proud great Dane could.

And if still, you are reluctant to allow pets on your property, read on…

If refusing a pet, you should respond to the tenant’s query outlining why you feel that particular animal is unsuitable for your property or its grounds. For example, a dog in an apartment or flat probably won’t be suitable due to access to a garden, and if it’s a communal garden the other residents may cause an issue about the dog doing their mess there.

Are There Any Advantages To Being a ‘Pet-Friendly’ Landlord?

Most tenants that keep pets are responsible people that feed, water, exercise and clean them regularly.

Finding out about a routine they follow, such as giving their dog a walk before work in the morning, arranging a dog-walker to look after them during the days, and picking up after any mess in the garden, litter tray or cage helps demonstrate this.

As discussed above, for many pet owners finding a pet-friendly landlord can be a difficult feat.

However, the advantageous point for yourself is, if you find a tenant that ticks all the right boxes for you, they’re far more likely to continue renewing the tenancy agreement in the concern of having to find someone else as accepting as yourself.

Additionally, they’ll usually work harder to maintain the property to a high standard, in the hopes they aren’t judged upon by the landlord, to have to give any reason to look elsewhere to replace them as tenants.

That’s Fine, I’ll Consider Their Pet

Great! Have an open and honest conversation with the applicants about any concerns you may have so that they are aware and will hopefully put your mind to rest.

Ensure allowing of a pet is included in the tenancy agreement, it shows a discussion has been had and it has been mutually agreed upon.

But more importantly, it’ll highlight the awareness of responsibility the tenant will now have. You could include the allowing of a certain pet, under certain circumstances, such as the property being maintained well, kept clean, and odour-free.

What If They Gain A Pet Through Their Tenancy, Or The Existing One Ruins The Property?

Yourself, being open and understanding, will be beneficial as your tenant will be more likely to be comfortable speaking to you so this issue shouldn’t arise.

But in the unlikely situation, they either gain more pets without asking, or the one you did allow has wrecked the property, be swift in covering the situation.

Have a conversation about what’s happened, and if the response isn’t to your liking look to seek advice. And if necessary, carry out eviction proceedings.

As in most cases, this’ll be a breach of the tenancy agreement, and you’ll want to solve the issue sooner rather than later.

There are obvious downsides to being accepting of pets. However, in most cases, the benefits outweigh the negative points and will result in having long-term tenants that treat your property as their home, just as you would.

Remember, make frequent inspection visits, and communicate regularly to create an atmosphere of transparency, no matter the situation.

We’re really pet-friendly here at Abbey Property, give us a call to have a discussion on how we can take on your property and match it with well-tempered pets!