Who Is Abbey Property?

Where Abbey Property started

Abbey Property was established in 2015 as a ‘one-man band’, set up by director and CEO Zahid Mahmood. Following an initial career at two other local letting agents, he saw a gap in the market to make improvements on issues he was seeing first-hand within the industry.

How Abbey Property Operates

Since then Abbey Property has adopted an open and transparent ethos, in every aspect carried out. We are slightly more expensive than your average-joe independent agent, but in return, we do things the right way. By carrying out full and in-depth conversations regarding the fees you’ll pay, how we’ll look to market and tenant your property, and the processes we follow after and tenancy has ended.

Now with two associates working alongside Zahid within the office, the years of combined experience we all hold are invaluable!

Our business relationships work two ways, as well as our clients wanting to be satisfied with us and our services. We also want to ensure our potential clients are the right fit for us, by being both neutral and understanding of our business complexities.

Timescales The Team Work Towards

Working toward almost immediate timescales is what sets us out from the rest! A touch over 70% of our valuation visits have been within 48 hours of first contact. And if we work together, we’ll have it marketed on all major portals as well as our website within 48 hours again! Bearing in mind this includes photos, videos, and 2D & 3D floorplans – all fully colour-corrected and edited for clarity as well as watermarked – we consider this a lightning-quick turnaround!

How Performance Orientated The Abbey Property Team Are

We continuously monitor ongoing performance in-house, by strategically keeping track of when renewals of tenancies are coming up, safety inspections to be re-conducted, and compliance checks for things such as the right to rent in the UK, we work as fully-fledged property managers to keep on top of all of these, and more!

The Future Of Abbey Property

For those who are interested in the future of Abbey Property, we have our sights set high for an independent agent. Zahid now works as a new-developments executive to set his sights on how we can move into the market of new-build developments, servicing both lettings and sales for the expansion of the current property trends.

Abbey Property’s Plans To Dominate The Sales Market

In 2023 we will be expanding the team by implementing a dedicated associate within the sales team to further improve and head up the sales department of Abbey Property. Predominantly looking to help out investment and buy-to-let landlords, with the hopes of a strategy to keep sales of BTL properties, and then offer incentives to go on to tenant and manage them in-house.

Landlords, Are You Right For Us?

Right now, we’re looking for landlords that are conscious. The consciousness we hope for is of individuals that are wanting to be hands-off with their investment, who will allow Abbey Property to do what is necessary for the interests of both the tenant and the landlord, and who aren’t money orientated to every last penny.

Real property management means solid investment.

If this is what you are looking for, and you fancy having a property manager that looks out for your interests from A to Z, get in touch and let’s see if we’re suited well!

You’ve got Chaandne, who you will see at both our viewings, inspections, and across our social media.

You’ve got Naeem, a wizard in compliance relating to the lettings market.

And for operations and business development, you’ve got Zahid.